Transforming Innovation: STEPS members at the SPRU50 conference

spru50 conference

SPRU 50 badgeAs part of its 50th anniversary in 2016, the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) is hosting a major conference from 7-9 September 2016 at the University of Sussex. The theme is ‘Transforming Innovation’.

SPRU is one of the two institutional hosts of STEPS (the other is the Institute of Development Studies), and the conference features a number of contributions from STEPS Centre members.  Our Global Consortium hubs are also sending researchers to take part in the event.

Contributions from STEPS members and Global hubs include:

  • Adrian Smith, Dinesh Abrol and Mariano Fressoli participate in a session on ‘Transforming innovation from below? Grassroots action for sustainable developments’ – coinciding with the launch of a new book on Grassroots Innovation Movements.
  • Adrian Ely chairs a discussion on STI in the United Nations: historical reflections and lessons for the Sustainable Development Goals and one on Governance of innovation, also featuring Erik Millstone.
  • Erik Millstone chairs a discussion on ‘Standards, regulation and innovation’.
  • Elisa Arond discusses ‘the politics of inclusion: decentralizing science, technology and innovation for regional development in Colombia.’
  • Andy Stirling is part of a plenary panel on ‘Rethinking society for the 21st century: Developing a science and technology studies perspective’.
  • Patrick van Zwanenberg and Anabel Marin talk about ‘Impact assessments of genetically engineered crops: Informing or forming technological choices?’
  • Justin Pickard is speaking on ‘Plural Future/s: Enacting Critical and Speculative Design at the Policy-Publics Interface’ as part of a session on Social Innovations chaired by Adrian Smith.
  • Saurabh Arora chairs a session on ‘Science Fiction and Innovation: Who is leading the Dance?’
  • Adrian Smith chairs session on ‘Innovating Policy: Transdisciplinary Practice and the Politics of Co-Construction in Policy Labs’.

Visit the SPRU website to view the whole conference programme, and follow the conference on Twitter via the hashtag #SPRU50.

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