Sustainable Livelihoods: ‘Between the Lines’ podcast with Ian Scoones

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Ian Scoones, co-director of the STEPS Centre, is interviewed in the April 2019 episode of the Institute of Development Studies podcast Between the Lines.

In the episode, he talks to fellow STEPS member and IDS colleague Marina Apgar about his book, Sustainable Livelihoods and Rural Development.

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About the book


The book looks at the role of social institutions and the politics of policy, as well as issues of identity, gender and generation. Ian argues that integrated livelihoods approaches are an essential lens on questions of development, key to addressing challenges of poverty, inequality and environment, and a useful framework for implementing the Sustainable Development Goals.

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A translation of the book into Spanish is also available.

Medios de vida sostenible y desarrollo rural (buy from ICARI)

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