Sharing insights across continents: Africa Sustainability Hub researcher visits China Hub

Kennedy Liti Mbeva

STEPS Africa Sustainability Hub research fellow Kennedy Liti Mbeva visited the STEPS China Hub from 28 November to 1 December 2016. On the 28th, Kennedy gave a talk entitled “The Political Economy of Sustainability: Public Policy Dimensions” to international students of BNU.

Download Kennedy’s slides from the China hub website (PDF)

In his talk, Kennedy introduced key emerging issues in science, technology and innovation in the context of sustainable development, and elaborated the content of Political Economy of Sustainability. He then met with China Hub colleagues and discussed prospects for the design of a website.

On the 29th, Kennedy joined a web-conference with Chulin Jiang, a PhD student based in Guizhou Province, and learned about the research project in Hebei, Shijiazhuang Province – part of the ‘Pathways Network’ project. Chulin also shared much implementing experience of China’s first T-lab conducted in October 2016.

A co-learning seminar was held on 30 November. Kennedy and Chinese colleagues shared research experiences of both hubs and discussed future collaborations. On 1 December, Kennedy and Chulin exchanged thoughts on the current researches and worked cooperatively on the research paper.

This article first appeared on the China Sustainability Hub website.

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