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STEPS at the World Social Science Forum (WSSF) on 25-28 September

The STEPS Centre and its partners from the Pathways to Sustainability Global Consortium will be at the World Social Science Forum (WSSF) next week. This year’s event is held in Fukuoka, Japan. The WSSF’s theme this year is ‘Security and Equality for Sustainable Futures’. Convened by the International Science Council (ISC), the WSSF aims to…

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Ubuntu, collective seed: Bioleft project on the press

Two articles about Bioleft project and the first Bioleft seed, Ubuntu, were published last month on specialized n
n the press Bioleft project and

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How can we reveal power and bias when synthesising evidence for policy?

In a letter published today in Nature, STEPS co-director Andy Stirling and Clive Mitchell (Scottish Natural Heritage) suggest that ‘open-mindedness’ is a key principle in making evidence synthesis more useful for policy. From pesticides to epidemics or obesity, there is often demand for analysis of a vast range of evidence to help inform decision-making and…

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ACTS and Sussex University work together to boost Africa’s access to climate change funds

Press release / African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS) (source) Nairobi, Kenya 27 July 2018 ACTS partners with UK varsity to boost Africa’s access to climate change funds Kenya’s top climate think tank has partnered with a British university to drive policies to tackle climate change. The Africa Centre for Technology Studies and the University…

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New journal ‘Nature and Space’ launched

The links between the environment and justice, past and present, are highlighted in a  new article, ‘The antinomies of nature and space’, co-authored by STEPS member Lyla Mehta. So-called ‘natural’ disasters, whether heatwaves, hurricanes, droughts or earthquakes, are linked in their impacts – and sometimes their causes – to patterns of injustice.  Poverty and inequality…

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New ‘TAPESTRY’ project on transformations from below in uncertain environments

A new project involving STEPS is one of twelve awarded funding by the Belmont Forum and NORFACE joint programme Transformations to Sustainability (T2S). The project is entitled TAPESTRY: Transformation as Praxis – Exploring Socially Just and Transdisciplinary Pathways to Sustainability in Marginal Environments. It is organised in a transnational and transdisciplinary consortium across the UK,…

Africa Sustainability Hub runs training for climate policy makers

The Africa Sustainability Hub is running a 2 week fully funded internship on 9-20 July for African policymakers on the preparation of Green Climate Fund (GCF) proposals. The GCF is the financial mechanism responsible for funding the implementation of UN climate policy. Policy makers attending the course are from Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda. The…

Xochimilco, México. Photo: Fotografía: Rocío Brito García, Oikos

Xochimilco and its wetlands: lessons from the earthquake of 2017

Researchers of the STEPS Centre North America hub have published an article about its work relating to “chinampas” of Xochimilco, a very vast wetland in the peri-urban area of México City that was beaten by the earthquake of 2017.

From common good to corporate ownership: The new strategy to modify the Seed Law

De bien común a propiedad corporativa: La nueva estrategia para modificar la Ley de Semillas By Maxi Goldschmidt Abstract This article reflects on the debate around the reform of Argentina’s Seed Law, and exposes the critical points of the project introduced by the Ministry of Agriculture and entities of the field. The current seed law, which…

Open Source Seeds

Semillas con código abierto By Juan Manuel Repetto Abstract Currently, the seed industry has a high level of concentration and only three business groups control more than half of the global seed trade. Therefore, a team of lawyers, sociologists, economists and geneticists, seek to democratize the production of food and develop alternatives in Argentina that…