We are working to challenge the prevailing concepts of “scaling up” in the health sector, along with our affiliate partner Future Health Systems.

Opinions on how to improve access to services vary. There’s a long-standing debate on the relative merits of blueprint approaches – which involve the replication of a well-designed intervention in multiple settings – and locally driven approaches, which rely exclusively on local innovation. Both have limitations.

The latest event was a workshop at IDS on 24 May, with the following aims:

>> to explore approaches that have fostered innovation, rapid learning and large-scale impact in the health sector that incorporate context and social arrangements as central to learning and change
>> to identify practical approaches for collaboration between innovators, researchers, governments and funding agencies to strengthen the capacity of health systems to meet the needs of the poor.

On the website, we’ve got video interviews with participants at the workshop, the agenda and links to all the presentations to view or download.

Beyond Scaling Up: Pathways to Universal Access

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