Gerry Bloom, STEPS Centre health convenor, will be holding a session tomorrow (Thursday) at the the First Global Symposium on Health Systems Research in Montreux, entitled “Beyond Scaling Up”.

Here’s a summary:

“This session will present findings and conclusions of a stream of work jointly organised by the Future Health Systems Consortium and the STEPS Centre. It will explore lessons from implementing large scale changes to health systems aimed at increasing access to important health services, particularly by the poor.

It will begin with brief presentations of literature reviews and conceptual frameworks for analysing rapid health system change. These presentations will be followed by papers that present evidence on the experiences with large scale health system change in Nigeria, Brazil and China. These will include a study of the experience of a large donor-funded project for strengthening primary health care services in Northern Nigeria, the experience of the Ministry of Health of Brazil in extending a decentralised, rights-based health system to meet the special needs of indigenous people and the Chinese experience with the management of health system reform in the context of rapid economic and social change. Each paper will present evidence on what worked and why.

The aim is to contribute to a more nuanced understanding of the challenge of managing rapid increases in the delivery of health services and the strategies that have been shown to work in addressing this challenge.”

Presenters include:

Gerry Bloom, STEPS Centre: “Beyond Scaling Up: Pathways to Universal Access to Health Services”

Ligia Paina: “Pathways to Scaling Up Health Services in Complex Adaptive Systems”

Emmanuel Sokpo: “Beyond Technical Solutions: Critical Pathway in the Political Economy of Health Development in Northern Nigeria”

Xiao Yue: “Implementing rapid health system reform in China: the importance of a learning approach”

Vera Schattan Coelho: “Making the Right to Health a Reality to Indigenous People in Brazil”


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