With increasing resistance to existing antibiotics and little incentive for pharmaceutical companies to invest in new ones, developing countries face a serious challenge combating killer diseases such as tuberculosis and typhoid fever. has put together a package of news, comment and analysis on this topic, which links closely to the STEPS Centre’s Rethinking Regulation project.

Read SciDev.Net’s new spotlight on antibiotic resistance

SciDev.Net’s online resource highlights the need to raise public awareness of the situation and calls on governments to safeguard the future of their populations’ health by prioritising drug resistance monitoring and educating healthcare workers. The package gives views and information about the scale of the problem, drivers of resistance, the economic implications of growing resistance, diagnostics, and investment into new drugs.

Surveillance vital for tackling antibiotic resistanceInternational surveillance systems are needed to curb the rise of antibiotic resistance, says Hajo Grundmann.

Antibiotic resistance: Frequently asked questionsPriya Shetty answers some common questions surrounding antibiotic resistance, and the dangers for the developing world.

Antibiotic resistance and the developing worldMany factors are increasing antibiotic resistance, and authorities, doctors and patients all have a role in fighting it, writes Jia Hepeng.

Reducing antibiotics not enough to stem resistance Reducing antibiotic use is not enough to curb the rise of resistance in the developing world, say Zulfiqar A. Bhutta and Syed Rehan Ali.

Antibiotic resistance calls for better diagnostic labs Tackling antibiotic resistance requires well-run diagnostic laboratories, says Pradeep Seth.

Prizes, not prices, to stimulate antibiotic R&D With the worldwide growth of resistance, new antibiotics are increasingly needed. But R&D can be expensive and time-consuming, says James Love.


  1. Hey.
    I’m doing a project on the subject matter your blog discusses – “Are Antibiotics becoming a non sustainable drug supply” and was wondering if you have any other sources of information at hand? Obviously I’ve found plenty of articles about the increasing resistance to antibiotics, but acutal articles about sustainability are few and far between.


  2. hi Stuart

    thanks for your comment! there are a couple of articles that might be relevant.

    Gerry Bloom, STEPS Centre health convenor, recently wrote a blogpost on news stories about antibiotic resistance.

    There’s also a STEPS Centre book on Epidemics, exploring how responses do or don’t take into account social and environmental factors.
    Epidemics: Science, Governance and Social Justice, edited by Sarah Dry and Melissa Leach

    And we have a new project on Socio-ecological dynamics of disease but there are no publications from that as yet, so watch this space.

    hope this helps

    Nathan Oxley, STEPS Communications Assistant

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