Call for papers: Is the Nexus Secure … and for Whom?

Water Alternatives will publish a special issue on Critical Thinking On the ‘New Security Convergence’ in Energy, Food, Climate and Water, with financial support from the STEPS Centre.

The editors invite abstracts by 15 December 2013 on the points set out below. For full details, please visit the Water Alternatives website

Guest Editors:

In a nutshell, nexus underpins the acute pressure on world’s natural resources generated through a combination of factors as climate change and the human response to climate change, global demographic trends of burgeoning population size and increased consumption levels. The ‘nexus’ debate is primarily a debate about natural resource scarcity.

The editors invite papers both from academics and practitioners that could be published as part of this special issue. Specifically, the papers should seek to address one or several of the following points:

  • Who are the key actors driving the ‘nexus’, how and why, and what intended and unintended purposes does it serve?
  • What dominant narratives are driving energy, climate and water security at scales ranging from the local to the global? Is there a growing convergence between these various securities, and the way that they are framed? Which types of risk and uncertainties are formally recognised, which remain unrecognised -how and why?
  • What are the implications of insights from the concept of “dynamic sustainabilities” for how notions of food, water and energy securities are framed and applied, given the implicit connotation of stability within the concept of security? With what consequences?
  • Is the nexus replacing or complementing the IWRM paradigm?
  • What are the links between the nexus thinking and the green economy?
  • Is the nexus the new buzzword? What is new about nexus that did not exist in common knowledge?

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