Our session at Planet Under Pressure in March looked at how to open up diverse pathways to sustainability, looking at different technologies from around the world. Adrian Ely (STEPS) spoke about the STEPS Centre’s work on how to introduce more diversity and inclusion in how science & technology is organised and funded. Other speakers talked about work to include users and marginalised groups in developing technology in different settings – from clean cooking sources in poor countries, to debates about nanotechnology in Southern Africa.

Video of the whole session:
The speakers were Adrian Ely (STEPS), Dinesh Abrol (NISTADS), Lawrence Gudza (Practical Action), Claudia Neubauer (Fondation Sciences Citoyennes), Mariano Fressoli (Universidad de Quilmes), Fiona Lambe (Stockholm Environment Institute) and David Grimshaw (Practical Action). Titles and abstracts of the presentations are here.

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