Methods: The sowing of shared dreams – Umbela Conversatorio #2

In connection with our 2021 Methods theme, the Mexico-based NGO Umbela – Transformaciones Sostenibles is holding a series of online events on the theme of ‘Cultivating Knowledges’.

In the second event in this series, The sowing of shared dreams, Tania, Enrico, Mirna and Loni talk about how to plant dreams, utopias that they describe as processes that need to be worked from, with and for plurality.

They talk about how in transformative spaces, we must be flexible, let ourselves be uncomfortable, be open to play and take enough time for the processes of reflection, deconstruction and learning.

To read more about this Conversatorio and the series, visit the Umbela website.

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The Cultivating Knowledges series forms a crucial contribution to this year’s Methods theme. The webinars, led by Umbela together with LANCIS-IE-UNAM, IIMAS-UNAM and SOS-ASU, will explore alternative knowledge and belief systems with insights from Latin America, and how they can offer inspiration in unlearning many of our inherited ways of seeing the world and universe around us.

The series will take place from April until December, with four talks taking place structured around the metaphor of “cultivation”.

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