Innovation Histories workshop, the Solar Home System market in Kenya



In June 2013 the project ran an “Innovation Histories” workshop in Nairobi, Kenya. The aim was to convene stakeholders to contribute their knowledge and experiences to help understand the factors that enabled and constrained the relatively successful uptake of Solar Home Systems in Kenya.

Together with post-workshop interviews this will contribute to the development of a detailed picture of the key events, actors and actions that facilitated SHS uptake in Kenya. This analysis will be used to help inform new policy thinking on how low carbon energy technology uptake might be better facilitated, particularly in lower income developing countries which have benefited little from existing, large scale policy initiatives such as the Clean Development Mechanism.

In the first instance, the research will provide insights to inform the working of the new Climate Innovation Centre in Kenya. More broadly, findings from the project will contribute towards the implementation of Kenya’s National Climate Change Response Strategy and the Kenya Vision 2030.

These insights could also contribute to other centre-based approaches (such as the UNFCCC Climate Technology Centre and Network) that aim to maximize development benefits from the wider uptake of low carbon technologies in lower income developing countries.