Before and during the Planet Under Pressure conference in London next week, we’re asking people to tell us what sustainable development issue they want to see addressed at the Rio+20 Earth Summit in June. Here are a selection of the responses:

Direct link to the YouTube playlist

Have your say: your hopes for Rio+20

What’s the one sustainable development issue you’d like to see addressed at Rio? Leave your answers in the comment box below.

STEPS at Planet Under Pressure

For more details on what we’re doing at Planet Under Pressure and in the lead up to Rio, see the links below.

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  1. Please ask someone at the PUP conference to comment on the ‘global predicament’ posed humanity on our watch by the unbridled growth worldwide of distinctly human overproduction, overconsumption and overpopulation activities we can see overspreading the surface of Earth. What Andy Revkin describes as “humanity’s growth spurt” appears to minimize, even trivialize, a grave situation that is becoming harder and harder to acknowledge, address and overcome because human global overgrowth activities are overwhelming the finite physical resources and frangible ecology of the celestial orb we call our planetary home. The colossal presence of humankind on Earth in our time is much more formidable and fearsome than some sort of adolescent growth spurt. To describe the explosion of absolute global population numbers in such terms is jejeune and represents a subtle form of denial of what primarily threatens future human well being and environmental health.

    Thank you,

    Steve Salmony

    Steven Earl Salmony

    Chapel Hill, NC

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