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Doctoral student, Arizona State University

Rebecca Shelton is a research assistant and doctoral student within the School of Sustainability at Arizona State University, a team member of the ‘Pathways’ Network and a member of the North America Hub of the Pathways to Sustainability Global Consortium. She is interested in the cognitive and ecological barriers that stall or bar economic transitions in rural, primary sector economies such as agriculture and mining.

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tending vegetables

A day in the Chinampas

In the wetlands of Xochimilco in Mexico, farming is carried out in a system going back to Mesoamerican times, in chinampas – rectangular floating fields growing crops on a shallow lake. The area is changing rapidly with competing pressures from farming, urbanization and pollution, and we’ve been exploring how local people can respond to this…

Boundary object

How rethinking local people’s agency could help navigate Xochimilco’s troubled waters

Xochimilco, Mexico City is the last remnant of the complex lacustrine system of wetlands that was the basis for agriculture and livelihoods (the chinampa system) in pre-Columbian times. However, the water is no longer provided by natural springs, but is reliant on the discharge of treated wastewater from the neighboring, densely populated and impoverished borough…