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The challenges of open science

On Friday, November 2nd, the Argentine Congress of Open and Citizen Science (CIACIAR) was held at the University of San Martín, organized by CENIT and Cientópolis, and sponsored by STEPS Latin America. It was a meeting attended by more than 200 people among researchers, scientists, disseminators of science and technology, and university students from Buenos…

Open and Citizen Science Congress

On November 2nd, starting at 9 a.m. the second edition of the Open and Citizen Science Congress will be held at the University of San Martín, Buenos Aires. The event seeks to bring together different actors involved in open science initiatives. There will be open workshops, posters, debates, talks and an art and science fair….

Three projects that explore open and collaborative production

Over the last decade, radically open and collaborative forms of producing knowledge and material artifacts have been gaining ground, accelerated by the advance of new technologies. Researchers from STEPS Latin America and CENIT (Research Center for Transformation), amongst many others, have been analyzing and contributing to initiatives that explore such alternative forms production. So what…