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Michael is an ecologist and epidemiologist. He has worked for many years at the interface between environment, rural society and health, seeking to throw light on the dynamics of systems undergoing rapid change.

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Focus group with women in Myanmar

Agricultural revolutions then and now

I’m writing from a village 70km north of Yangon in Myanmar. A group of women farmers are talking about their experiences raising pigs. They have small herds, five to 30 head. Probably for all of them, this is their first experience of a focus group discussion and they are eager to have their say. The…

Hunger and HIV: have we misread the landscape?

Some of the most important questions we have concern large and extreme events of which we have little experience and few examples. We don’t learn nearly as much as we could from those examples: interrogate them as experiments-at-scale, look for variation in exposure and outcomes; test hypotheses against them. The number of people in the…