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David teaches, supervises doctoral students and provides policy advice on climate change policy with a particular focus on low carbon technology transfer and development, and on public engagement with climate change. He has led research collaborations with partners in developing countries (Kenya and India) and provided policy advice to inter-governmental organisations (including the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change Secretariat, African Development Bank, Commonwealth Secretariat and OECD Environment Directorate) and governmental departments in developed and developing countries (including the UK, India and Chile). David is a Senior Lecturer in Geography, a Senior Fellow in the Sussex Energy Group at SPRU (Science and Technology Policy Research), partner coordinator for Sussex University in the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research and is co-convenor of the STEPS Centre's energy and climate change domain.

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Want to transform access to technology? Follow the invisible threads

by Adrian Smith, Rob Byrne, David Ockwell and Ian Scoones This is one in a series of four blog posts exploring ideas and case studies on ‘transformations’, drawing on research carried out in 2017 and looking forward to the STEPS Centre’s work in 2018. For background and links to the other posts, read the introduction….

Beyond two-dimensional perspectives: Sustainable energy access as adaptation and mitigation?

Earlier this year, the Institute of Development Studies convened a one day meeting of scholars to discuss the emerging field of the politics of climate change adaptation. I study sustainable energy access, which doesn’t conventionally get counted as adaptation, so I wondered to what extent the politics of adaptation extends to the framing of sustainable…

Africa Sustainability Hub will promote low-carbon opportunities

A new African sustainability research hub will make a “huge contribution” to promoting low carbon economic development in Kenya, according to a speech on Wednesday 10th June by Hon. Henry Rotich, Cabinet Secretary of the National Treasury. The speech was delivered by Prof Judi Wakhungu, Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Environment, Water and Natural Resources, at…

What are Climate-Relevant Innovation System Builders (CRIBS)?

Update (1 July 2015): The research described in this blogpost has been written up in an article for the journal Climate Policy: Ockwell D. and Byrne R. (2015) Improving technology transfer through national systems of innovation: climate relevant innovation-system builders (CRIBs), Climate Policy (open access) Other publications: Working Paper 76 (focused on policy recommendations): CRIBs…

Same meat, different gravy? The new Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy for Africa (STISA)

  By David Ockwell, STEPS Centre Deputy Director, Research On 2 July African Union Heads of State and Government adopted the new Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy for Africa 2024 (STISA-2024)[i]. This replaces the previous African Science and Technology Consolidated Plan of Action (CPA) that was adopted by the AU back in 2006. STISA-2024 sets…