Bioleft Project in Comunes meeting

On August 15th, Anabel Marin presented the Bioleft project within the Comunes meeting, on behalf of an interdisciplinary team of members from CENIT, the University of Buenos Aires and CONICET….

Are alternative visions missing from the debates about sustainability transitions?

by Kasper Ampe, Michael Kriechbaum and Sofie Sandin In June 2018 we attended the IST (International Sustainability Transitions) conference in Manchester. It was a repeat visit for all of us,…

Ubuntu seeds transference - Bioleft

Argentina’s ‘Bioleft’ project shares its first open source seeds

Seeds were transferred from researchers to farmers for the first time under a new kind of open source transfer contract, called Bioleft, .

Open Science Map: Charting the development of Open Science practices in Latin America

Open Science represents a new approach in scientific knowledge based on collaborative work and new ways of spreading information using digital technologies. There are many benefits that come with open…