Manifesto Roundtable, The Hague: Multimedia

A Manifesto Roundtable was held in The Hague, Netherlands, on 24 November 2009, hosted by 3TU.Centre for Ethics and Technology. Photos, videos and slides from the event are now available.


In the run up to the Copenhagen conference on climate change, here’s Melissa Leach from the STEPS Centre talking about how to pay the climate change bill. Payments from industrialised countries to developing countries are one method of footing the bill (for example, to help them reduce emissions or invest in clean technologies). But how…


“Rebooting development: Innovation policy in the age of technological abundance” was the title of the 13th Marie Jahoda Annual Lecture. It was hosted by SPRU on 7 October 2009. Calestous’ deep knowledge is obvious, as well as his passion for the role of technology and innovation in Africa. From the flier: “Developing countries are increasingly…

Symposium ’09: final session – Responses from the international community, government, media, civil society and the private sector

The last session, chaired by Melissa Leach, invited various participants to feed back on the preceding discussions.

Symposium ’09: Session 4 – Internationalisation of science, technology and innovation policy – what room for “constitutional” reform?

In response to the set of proposals put forward in the New Manifesto (outlined by Andy Stirling), this session, chaired by Adrian Ely, discussed the potential for reform of institutions involved in setting STI policy (including governmental and non-governmental actors at national and international levels).

Symposium ’09: Session 3 – What opportunities are presented by the global redistribution of innovative activity?

This session was chaired by Martin Bell and discussed the opportunities and challenges resulting from the emergence of new centres of science and innovation.

Symposium ’09: Session 2 – Grassroots/bottom up innovation – how to facilitate emergence and flourishing

The second session, chaired by Ian Scoones, took forward one of the focal points of the new manifesto, that innovation is already occurring across the world in forms that are not necessarily picked up by conventional metrics or policies.

Symposium ’09: Session 1 – Themes, challenges and opportunities – international debates

This first session, chaired by Melissa Leach, introduced and contextualised the new manifesto project, outlining some of the assumptions of mainstream approaches and identifying opportunities and challenges for radical change.

Symposium ’09: What happened

This is the first of a series of posts which put forward summaries of the sessions at the STEPS annual symposium 2009, especially the implications of these discussions for the shape and content of the new manifesto and for the wider project of which it forms a part. (You can also download the full Symposium…