What can transdisciplinarity give back to communities?

By Simone Omori, Leandro Giatti and Saurabh Arora The water-energy-food and environment nexus (w-e-f-e nexus) is a matter of understanding and acting on interdependent areas of activity. By directing attention to connections that are often overlooked in disciplinary research and siloed policymaking, the w-e-f-e nexus can be used to address the socio-ecological scarcities and vulnerabilities created…

List of the Sustainable Development Goals in chart form with icons

STEPS researchers receive grants from Sussex Sustainability Research Programme

The Sussex Sustainability Research Programme (SSRP), a partnership between the University of Sussex and the Institute for Development Studies, has announced its first round of funding.

Farmers driving through the village of Karhera in India

What does the future hold for Delhi’s urban farmers?

A new digital story and photo book show the dilemmas facing urban farmers at the edge of Delhi and Ghaziabad in India. Surrounded on all sides by rapid urbanisation, industry and even new tourist attractions, the farmers find their access to land increasingly constrained. Their crops, and their health, are affected by rising pollution.