solar panels in Kathmandu

Learning from Nepal about aid, technology and development

A new book Aid, Technology and Development: The Lessons from Nepal will be published by Routledge in November. It is co-edited by Dipak Gyawali, who has had long-term links with…

A woman speaking into a microphone.

Citizens’ voices need to be heard on climate and cities

Citizens’ voices need to be heard on climate and cities, say researchers at launch of South Asia Sustainability Hub More dialogue between citizens and politicians is needed to deal with…


From the wonderful blog BoingBoing, some footage of an ingenious solution to a lack of electricity. BoingBoing: Human powered ferris wheel in Nepal

Nepal round table

6 May 2009 – A Manifesto round table event was held as part of the Innovation Asia-Pacific Conference, organised by David Grimshaw of Practical Action Nepal. Have a look at the…