T-Labs: A Practical Guide


T-Labs: A Practical Guide
Using Transformation Labs (T-Labs) for innovation in social-ecological systems
Pathways Network, September 2018

T-Lab report coverBetween 2016 and 2018, the Pathways Network aimed to investigate new approaches for transformations to sustainability across different disciplines, cultures and contexts. The network carried out comparative research in six countries to explore how to work with local people on social transformations in the context of environmental change.

In six sites (in Argentina, Mexico, Kenya, China, the UK and India) the project convened ‘Transformation Labs’ (T-Labs) to develop innovative responses to social-ecological problems. This document draws from the experiences across the network to provide a practical guide to those considering similar approaches in their own work, while recognising that researchers, civil society organisations or social innovators will need to design a process that is appropriate to their own context.