Special issue: Green grabbing

Journal Article
Published In: Journal of Peasant Studies

A special issue of the Journal of Peasant Studies, edited by James Fairhead, Melissa Leach and Ian Scoones.

This issue draws new theorisation together with 17 cases from African, Asian and Latin American settings, and links critical studies of nature with critical agrarian studies, to ask:

  • To what extent and in what ways do ‘green grabs’ constitute new forms of appropriation of nature?
  • How and when do circulations of green capital become manifest in actual appropriations on the ground – through what political and discursive dynamics?
  • What are the implications for ecologies, landscapes and livelihoods?
  • And who is gaining and who is losing – how are agrarian social relations, rights and authority being restructured, and in whose interests?

The introductory article by James Fairhead, Melissa Leach and Ian Scoones is available to read Open Access.