Innovation Histories Workshop on the Solar Home System Market in Kenya

  • Published 18/07/13

This report presents proceedings of an innovation histories workshop on the Solar Home System (SHS) Market in Kenya. The workshop was held on 3 June 2013 at Silver Springs Hotel in Nairobi Kenya s part of the Pro-poor, low carbon development: Improving low carbon energy access and development benefits in Least Developed Countries (LDCs).

Stakeholders in the SHS market convened to reflect, draw on, capture and share thoughts and experiences to develop a comprehensive national innovation history, illustrating actions of key actors in Kenya who have contributed to the success of the Kenyan SHS market. Stakeholders from the United Kingdom and Kenya comprised researchers, policymakers, private sector actors and the media.

The one-day workshop saw the participants developing a personal innovation history timeline as well as contributing through participatory and interactive approaches to develop a national SHS innovation history timeline. Participants expressed satisfaction in the process that led to the development of the innovation history timeline and expressed interest to participate in any future research and workshop on the subject.