CRIBs (Climate Relevant Innovation-system Builders): An effective way forward for international climate technology policy

Working Paper
  • Published 19/01/15
  • ISBN: 978-1-78118-211-6

STEPS Working Paper 77
by David Ockwell and Rob Byrne

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National systems of innovation (NSIs) provide the context within which all processes of technology development, transfer and uptake occur – they refer to the network of actors (e.g. firms, universities, research institutes, government departments, NGOs) within which innovation occurs, and the strength and nature of the relationships between them.

Nurturing NSIs in relation to climate technologies provides a powerful new focus for international policy with potential to underpin more sustained and widespread development and transfer of climate technologies. This working paper builds on an invited presentation by one of the authors at a workshop on NSIs convened by the Technology Executive Committee (TEC) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). It identifies policy recommendations for consideration of the TEC. The intention is both to inform possible recommendations by the TEC to the UNFCCC Conference of the Parties (COP) and to highlight potential areas for future work that the TEC could undertake on this issue.

 A shorter, policy-focused version of this paper is also available, with an accompanying briefing.