Future Agricultures Consortium: Agricultural Policy Research in Africa

The Future Agricultures Consortium is a multidisciplinary and independent learning alliance of academic researchers and practitioners involved in African agriculture. It aims to encourage dialogue and the sharing of good…

Rethinking Regulation: seeds and drugs in China and Argentina

This project compared the regulation of two technologies – transgenic cotton seeds and antibiotics – with the way those technologies are experienced amongst poorer communities in rural Argentina and rural China.

Epidemics: pathways of disease and response

Epidemics emerge from changes in behaviour, land use, and interactions between humans and animals. What is behind the responses to epidemics, how can citizens contribute to the decisions made, and how can they better support poor people’s livelihoods and contribute to social justice?

Beyond Biosafety

Project dates: 2007 to 2010 Debates about transgenic crops have become highly polarised across the globe. In the process, civil society organisations and movements have emerged as key actors, alongside…

Biochar and Anthropogenic Dark Earths

This project investigates how charred carbon (biochar) is used to enrich soil by African farmers, and how it is being discussed and promoted as a potential solution to environmental problems.

Environmental change and maize innovations in Kenya

Maize is seen as a vital part of food security in East Africa. In the context of climate change, market uncertainty and changes in land use, how can farmers and others choose different crops or alternative methods for growing maize?

A woman farms pigs in China

Responding to zoonotic and related diseases in intensifying livestock systems: diverse framings and pathways

The intensification of livestock production is thought to make the problem of transboundary infectious diseases worse. This project explores how different groups understand these diseases, the issue of intensification and options for the future.

A Socio-Technical Analysis of the Livestock Revolution: Innovation Pathways in Poultry Production in Sub-Saharan Africa

What would a Livestock Revolution in Asia and Africa mean for the environment and for different groups in society?

Political ecologies of carbon in Africa

This project examines the power, politics and perceptions of carbon in Africa as new schemes are planned and put into action.