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Governance of Socio-Technical Transformations (GOST)

Date: November 2018 – tbc The GoST project will focus on transformation processes in three areas of crucial relevance to sustainable development, relating in particular to pressing imperatives in countries of the Global South: energy systems, agriculture, and urban digital infrastructures. Each implicates intricate North-South linkages that must be better understood for global sustainability efforts….

Urban Air Pollution and Inequalities in Fast Industrialising Countries

This project aims to investigate the social, economic and political impacts of chronic ambient (outdoor) air pollution on low-income communities in the fast industrialising countries of China and India. Poor people are disproportionately affected by air pollution. Policies which are intended to reduce it can, in some cases, actually make this inequality worse. The project’s…


The Transformations to Sustainability Project is the first project conducted by the North American Hub, a collaboration between Arizona State University (ASU), National Autonomous University of Mexico City (UNAM) and the STEPS Centre.  The primary goal of the project is to facilitate social transformation through the use of “Transformation Labs” (T-Labs) in Xochimilco, Mexico City….


MEGADAPT: the dynamics of multi-scalar adaptation in Mexico City

The MEGADAPT project aims to reduce vulnerability from the effects of climate change by improving the capacity to manage risks posed by factors such as increased flooding and chronic water scarcity in Mexico City, one of the world’s largest metropolitan areas. Like other megacities, typically defined as large cities with more than 10 million people,…

Risks and Responses to Urban Futures

This project looks at the connections between ecosystem services (ES), livelihoods and poverty in peri-urban areas of South Asia. It aims to produce evidence and tools to link ecosystem services with poverty alleviation. Overview Peri-urban areas, at the interface between urban and rural, link rural livelihoods with the urban lifestyles that put multiple pressures on…

Urbanisation in Asia: the peri-urban interface and sustainability of south Asian cities

This project looks at water in peri-urban Delhi, exploring the problems in the way water is viewed and managed by authorities, leaving some people without adequate access.

Pathways for Environmental Health in Transitional Spaces: Moving Between Formality and Informality

In informal spaces on the edge of cities, people can be especially exposed to pollution, diseases and occupational health risks. Through research in India, this project examines the shortfalls in current, official pathways which seek to deal with environmental health, and explores what the alternatives might be.