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Transformative Pathways to Sustainability: Learning Across Disciplines, Cultures and Contexts
by Pathways Network, edited by Adrian Ely
Routledge, September 2021 (Open Access)


The Transformation Laboratory of the Social-Ecological System of Xochimilco, Mexico City: Description of the Process and Methodological Guide
Beatriz Ruizpalacios, Lakshmi Charli-Joseph, Hallie Eakin, David Manuel-Navarrete, J. Mario Siqueiros, Rebecca Shelton (2019)

Transformative spaces in the making: key lessons from nine cases in the Global South
Laura Pereira, Niki Frantzeskaki, Aniek Hebinck, Lakshmi Charli-Joseph, Scott Drimie, Michelle Dyer, Hallie Eakin, Diego Galafassi, Timos Karpouzoglou, Fiona Marshall, Michele-Lee Moore, Per Olsson, J. Mario Siqueiros-García, Patrick van Zwanenberg and Joost M. Vervoort Sustainability Science, November 2019

Seeking unconventional alliances and bridging innovations in spaces for transformative change: the seed sector and agricultural sustainability in Argentina
Van Zwanenberg, P., A. Cremaschi, M. Obaya, A. Marin and V. Lowenstein
Ecology and Society 23 (3):11, 2018

Transdisciplinary research as transformative space making for sustainability: enhancing propoor transformative agency in periurban contexts
Marshall, F., J. Dolley and R. Priya.
Ecology and Society 23 (3):8, 2018

Promoting agency for social-ecological transformation: a transformation-lab in the Xochimilco social-ecological system
Charli-Joseph, L., J. Siqueiros-Garcia, H. Eakin, D. Manuel-Navarrete, and R. Shelton
Ecology and Society 23(2):46, 2018

Learning about ‘Engaged Excellence’ across a Transformative Knowledge Network
Adrian Ely and Anabel Marin
IDS Bulletin, January 2017

Co-design with aligned and non-aligned knowledge partners: implications for research and coproduction of sustainable food systems
Anabel Marin, Adrian Ely and Patrick Van Zwanenberg
Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, June 2016


T-Labs: A Practical Guide
Using Transformation Labs (T-Labs) for innovation in social-ecological systems
Pathways Network, October 2018

Magazine articles

Creating transformative spaces
Pereira, L. and Eakin, H. (2018) The Geographer, Spring 2018, p.26


Market Linkage Strategies for Local Food Systems: Lessons for Brighton & Hove
Rachael Taylor, August 2018

Brighton & Hove’s Farmland: Potentials for a more local and ecological food supply
Elise Wach and Adrian Ely, August 2018


Intellectual Property and Seeds

Limiting access to seeds means limiting food production and access, and putting biodiversity at risk.

This video explains the importance of intellectual property for seeds. It was produced by STEPS America Latina to inform debates in Argentina about the corporate control and patenting of seeds.


Voices of the Xochimilco Wetland

In this film, local people connected to the wetland of Xochimilco in Mexico give their perspectives on the transformations that are taking place in the region.


Other video

Footage of the Transformation Lab in Argentina in 2017, on seed markets and the future of food.

Interviews with PATHWAYS Network members at the Transformations conference 2017

Video playlist: Talking transformations (6 videos, 25 min)

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