About us

The team working on the Innovation, Sustainability, Innovation: A New Manifesto are members of the STEPS Centre along with Professor Geoff Oldham, one of the authors of the original 1970 Sussex Manifesto, and Martin Bell of SPRU Science and Technology Policy Research.

The Manifesto project team includes:

Elisa Arond, Manifesto research assistant
Martin Bell, SPRU editor
Dr Gerry Bloom, STEPS Centre health domain convenor
Dr Sally Brooks, STEPS Centre project convenor
Julia Day, communications manager
Dr Adrian Ely, Manifesto project convenor
Professor Melissa Leach, STEPS Centre director
Harriet Le Bris, administative co-ordinator
Erik Millstone, STEPS Centre food and agriculture domain co-convenor
Professor Geoff Oldham, Honourary Professor, SPRU
Professor Ian Scoones, STEPS Centre co-director
Professor Andy Stirling, STEPS Centre co-director
Linda Waldman, STEPS Cente member
Patrick Van Zwanenberg, STEPS Centre member

You can find out more about the STEPS Centre team on our website