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All STEPS Projects

A full list of STEPS research projects.

Below our core projects, there is a list of affiliate projects – those where STEPS is a partner in a wider initiative or consortium.

Core projects

Animal disease: Comparing responses to BSE in the UK with Rift Valley Fever in Kenya

Avian flu: The politics and policy processes of a global response

Bats, framing & the construction of risk in Ghana

Biochar: Biochar and Anthropogenic Dark Earths in West Africa

Biosafety: GM and regulation in Kenya & the Philippines

Biotechnology: Biotechnology Research Archive

Carbon: Political ecologies of carbon in Africa

Changing health and welfare in China and the UK

Dams: securitization, risks and the global water-energy-food nexus

Grassroots Innovation: Historical & comparative perspectives

Governing the Land-Water-Environment nexus in Southern Africa

Epidemics: Pathways of disease and response to global and national epidemics

Environmental health: Transitional spaces and (in)formality

Maize: Environmental change & maize innovation in Kenya

Mangroves: Market-based mangrove afforestation and reforestation in Kenya and India

Livestock: Poultry and the ‘Livestock Revolution’ in Ghana

Low carbon political economy: The politics, framings and practices of low carbon energy in Kenya and China

Intensifications: Disease and livestock in China

‘Pathways’ Network: a global project on transformations to sustainability

Poverty Pathways: how farmers in India and Africa find pathways in and out of poverty

Peri-urban: sustainability in South Asian cities

Risk: Risk, uncertainty & technology in India

Regulation: Seeds and drugs in China & Argentina

Uncertainty from below in urban & rural India

Urban Futures: Ecosystems, livelihoods and poverty in South Asia

Affiliate projects


Online training for researchers on health systems & services, working with universities in Sub Saharan Africa.


Online training for researchers on health systems & services, working with universities in Low- and Middle-Income Countries in Asia.


Exploring how international life science collaborations deal with ‘differences’between research institutions in countries in the West and Asia.

Climate geoengineering governance

Project looking at ways to govern and regulate climate geoengineering, with a focus on sustainability and social justice.

Climate technology and development

What are the conditions for innovation for climate-compatible development in different categories (the emerging industry, the rising middle class, the base of the pyramid) in developing countries?

Community innovation

Does networking between small-scale, sustainable energy, community-led projects in the UK assist in the innovation of community energy? If so, how?

Dynamic Drivers of Disease in Africa

Understanding the relationships between ecosystems, zoonoses, health and wellbeing in Ghana, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Emerging technologies

Understanding the dynamics of how new technologies emerge, using case studies from the biomedical sector.

Future Agricultures

DFID-funded consortium looking at the political economy of agricultural policy in Africa, including in climate change, land, innovation, commercialisation, social protection and other themes.

Future Health Systems

DFID research consortium exploring ways to improve access, affordability and quality of health services for the poor, focusing on a number of countries in South Asia, China and Africa.

Governance of Discontinuity in Technological Systems

How governance can deliberately resist and counter the interests of powerful incumbent actors to consolidate their own favoured pathways, including in nuclear power and other technologies.

Grassroots Innovations

A collection of projects analysing grassroots innovations for sustainable development.


A new STEPS affiliate project developing the scientific basis and participatory management processes by which groundwater resources can be used sustainably for poverty alleviation in Sub-Saharan Africa

ICTs and health

Analysing the changing ways in which people in Bangladesh find information about health as telephones, the internet, and other media become more prevalent.

Integrated Water Resource Management

Looking at the links between ideas of IWRM as constructed at global and European levels, and how they are practiced in eastern and southern Africa.

Low Carbon Development

Improving low carbon energy access and development benefits in Least Developed Countries (LDC), including examining the history of the adoption of solar home systems in Kenya.

Low Carbon Innovation in China – Prospects, Politics and Practice

This project seeks to explore the extent, nature and social implications of low-carbon transitions in China, a key concern for the whole world. It is an international collaboration between researchers in the UK and at leading institutions in China.

The Politics of Low Carbon Innovation

Analysing the politics of providing a ‘protective space’ for three innovation pathways in the UK and Netherlands: photovoltaic cells, offshore wind, and carbon capture and storage.

Myanmar Pig Partnership

Exploring the disease risk thought to be accompanying changing pig production and consumption patterns in Myanmar.

Multicriteria Mapping

Developing and distributing MCM – an interactive, multi-criteria appraisal method for exploring contrasting perspectives on complex strategic and policy issues.

Regenerative waste

Looking at the social and technical implications of using Anaerobic Digestion (AD) to treat domestic wastewater in different settings.

Rising Powers and low carbon energy in Southern Africa

Exploring how, why and to what extent China, India and Brazil are enabling the transition to low carbon energy systems in southern Africa, focusing on clean and renewable energy projects in South Africa and Mozambique.

Sustainable Lifestyles Research Group

A collaborative project across many UK universities, looking at how civil society organisations are seeking to destabilise unsustainable food production systems in the UK and establish more sustainable alternatives.

Transitions to Agroecological Food Systems

Examining the potential and constraints for agroecology in Nicaragua, Senegal and the UK.

Veterinary science

Looking at challenges for trade, food safety, animal health and sustainability posed by transboundary animal trading and the ‘Livestock Revolution’ in Southern Africa.