Energy Pathways in Low-Carbon Development

  • Published 08/11/11

Energy and development go hand-in-hand: lighting, cooking, mobility, heating, cooling and communications are all essential to development processes. Moreover, the manner in which energy services are realised has both positive and negative consequences for our health, environment, wealth and social relations.

At a time when increasing access to modern energy services is seen as a key international development priority – as we attempt to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in the context of a changing climate – the STEPS Centre believes a much broader and ambitious approach to energy and development is needed.

This briefing accompanies the working paper Energy Pathways in Low Carbon Development: From technology transfer to socio-technical transformation.

This briefing is also available in Kiswahili:  Njia za Nishati katika Ustawi wenye Kaboni-Kidogo (PDF 219kb)