ISSC concept note: Water, Waste and Sustainable Cities in India

  • Published 27/03/15

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Urban areas in India suffer significant challenges associated with water and waste, with direct implications for agriculture, health and food safety. Local innovations, often in informal settings, have resulted in the emergence of multiple alternative urban waste and water management practices. These have potential for enhanced social justice, environmental integrity and synergies across the urban-rural interface. This initiative will build on a series of previous studies, and an expanding network of partners across disciplinary divides and sectors. It will seek to develop opportunities to build upon these alternative practices as an integral part of transformative change for sustainable city region planning.

This concept note is the outcome of ongoing deliberations amongst stakeholders involved in the emerging South Asia sustainability hub led by Jawarhalal Nehru University in New Delhi in close collaboration with the STEPS Centre UK. The ideas behind this proposal were developed at an ISSC planning working in New Delhi in November 2014, involving stakeholders with experience of working on diverse aspects of sustainability in various urban settings in south Asia.

This concept note is part of the ISSC Transformative Knowledge Network programme.