ISSC concept note: Water Governance Challenges, Mexico City and Phoenix

  • Published 09/04/15

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Mexico City, Phoenix, and other populous cities around the world are caught in a complex of problems concerning the quality and quantity of water, and its distribution in space, over time, and between the rich and the poor. The North American Hub of the Constructing Pathways to Sustainability Network focuses on the sustainable governance challenges associated with water provisioning and waste water management in large metropolitan areas, and the tools, strategies and social interactions that can create new pathways for change. The collaborators in this network are located in the metropolitan areas of Phoenix and Mexico City.

This concept note is the outcome of ongoing deliberations amongst stakeholders involved in the emerging North America sustainability hub led by Arizona State University in close collaboration with the STEPS Centre UK. The ideas behind this proposal were developed at an ISSC planning working in December 2014, involving stakeholders with experience of working on diverse aspects of water governance challenges.

This concept note is part of the ISSC Transformative Knowledge Network programme.