Advisory Committee

Former advisory committee chairs

Judi Wakhungu, Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Water and Natural Resources, Kenya

Mike Hulme, Kings College London

Former advisory committee members

Andrew Scott, Director of Policy and Programmes, Practical Action, UK

Banji Oleyaran Oyeyinka, UNU Merit, Nairobi

Brian Wynne, professor of Science Studies and CESAGEN, University of Lancaster

Christine Drury, ex-Unilever, UK

David Dickson (deceased)

Dipak Gyawali, Nepal Academy of Science and Technology

Fred Pearce, Freelance Journalist

Jimmy Whitworth, Head of International programmes, Wellcome Trust, UK

Joachim Voss, Director-General, CIAT, Columbia

Sheila Jasanoff, Pforzheimer Professor of Science and Technology Studies, Harvard University, USA

Shiv Visvanathan, Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS), Delhi, India

Sue Hartley, York University

Suman Sahai, Gene Campaign, India

Sunita Narain, Centre for Science and Environment, Delhi, India

Thomas Lingard, Unilever

Tony Marjoram, UNESCO, Paris


Adrian Ely

Head of Impact and Engagement

Amber Huff

Research Fellow

Andrea Brock

PhD researcher

Divya Sharma

Researcher - Agrarian Transformations

Dominic Glover

Research Fellow

Gerald Bloom

Research Fellow

Gordon McGranahan

Research Fellow

Hayley MacGregor

Research Fellow

Jeremy Allouche

Research Fellow

Jeremy Lind

Research Fellow

James Sumberg

Research Fellow, Institute of Development Studies

John Thompson

Research Fellow

Linda Waldman

Research Fellow

Lyla Mehta

Research Fellow

Marina Apgar

Research Fellow, Institute of Development Studies

Melissa Leach

Former STEPS Centre Director, current IDS Director

Nathan Oxley

Communications and Impact Manager

Rob Byrne


Sam Geall


Sophie Valeix

Doctoral Researcher

Wei Shen

Research Fellow, Institute of Development Studies