Opportunities with the PASTRES project

Researchers can contribute to the work of the PASTRES project by becoming a research ‘affiliate’.

Become a PASTRES Research Affiliate

We are inviting PhD and post-doctoral researchers to affiliate with the project. See the current list of PASTRES affiliate researchers.

PASTRES affiliates will benefit from association with the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex and the European University Institute in Florence, and be involved in a major research programme on pastoralism, with opportunities for wider exposure and engagement in academic and policy networks. Our PASTRES website, blog series and bibliographic databases, analytical toolbox will be available for use, and participation in PASTRES events internationally will be encouraged.

The two suggested routes are:

  • application for PhD study at the Institute of Development Studies, funded by yourself or a separate scholarship, with potential for some co-funding support
  • Application for visiting studentships/fellowships at IDS or EUI. This is an opportunity for PhD students or post-doctoral researchers, based at any university. This is available at any time during the PASTRES programme for periods ranging from a few weeks to 6 months.

Research affiliates: full details (PDF)