3. Technology, Innovation and Sustainability

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What are the relationships between technology, innovation and development? There is much emphasis (and, indeed, faith) in the role of technology and innovation in delivering sustainability. But what assumptions lie behind these technological visions? And what are the implications of centrally-controlled, high-tech approaches compared to more bottom-up, grassroots forms of innovation? A plurality and politics in ‘innovation’ for sustainability is evident, but how can alternative pathways be opened up?

Lecture: Adrian Smith and Adrian Ely, Sustainable innovation

Watch Adrian Smith and Adrian Ely discuss conventional approaches to innovation, as well as alternative approaches and how they can be supported.


After you have watched the lecture, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Why do the authors argue that traditional metrics for measuring innovation (‘gross expenditure on R&D’) are limited? Why is this important when thinking about sustainability?
  2. What do the “3Ds” stand for?
  3. In what way do the authors argue that these 3Ds can support socially just and environmentally sustainable directions of innovation?

Essential reading

STEPS Centre (2010)

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Read more

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Read more


Further reading

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A collection of STEPS resources for grassroots innovation: Six grassroots innovation movements and why they matter

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