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27 November 2015 - Energy & Climate Change

How to ensure governments stick to their Paris climate commitments

More than 146 countries covering 87% of global greenhouse gas emissions have now submitted their national pledges to tackle climate change in advance of the major climate summit in Paris....
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26 November 2015 - Energy & Climate Change

Why climate negotiations should tackle ‘technology injustice’

Climate change is already causing harm to vulnerable people and will continue to do so. If we accept that mitigation and adaptation alone cannot avoid all the adverse impacts of...
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24 November 2015 - Blog

Opening up democratic politics for sustainable development: reflections from STEPS America Latina

The event that launched STEPS América Latina earlier this month, ‘Opening up the development agenda’, was a great workshop. It’s rare for a meeting of this kind to be so...
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24 November 2015 - Energy & Climate Change

Spectacular cynicism: Seeing Indonesia’s fire and haze from the margins

Guest post by Zachary Anderson, University of Toronto Recently Indonesia was hit by massive forest fires, which were largely ignored by the Western media, despite their severe scale and impact....
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19 November 2015 - Project (Agriculture & Food, Health & Disease)

Myanmar Pig Partnership

The Myanmar Pig Partnership is an interdisciplinary research project exploring the disease risk thought to be accompanying changing pig production and consumption patterns in Myanmar. People in Myanmar are thought...
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