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26 August 2016 - Blog

Responsibility and geoengineering in the Anthropocene

As the Anthropocene Working Group debate the start date of a new geological era, Jack Stilgoe asks what the Anthropocene means for how science takes responsibility for the climate. In...
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17 August 2016 - Blog

Digital fabrication. Whose industrial revolution?

As the Society for Social Studies of Science & EASST build up to their annual meeting in Barcelona next month, the 4S blog is featuring preview pieces by participants. One...
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8 August 2016 - Health & Disease

How China’s social care providers are experimenting to meet the changing needs of citizens

Welfare provision in China, including social care for older people, is being stretched and challenged by economic, social and demographic changes in the country.  The rise in people’s expectations is...
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8 August 2016 - Project (Health & Disease)

Changing health and welfare in China and the UK

Welfare services in China are changing rapidly in response to social, economic and demographic changes. The project ‘Adapting the health and welfare system to a context of rapid change’ looks...
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30 July 2016 - Blog

Recipe for a Green Economy

Why aren’t the media talking more about climate change and population growth? asked Nigel Chapman, the Director of the BBC World Service and Trust from 2004 to 2009, speaking at...
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