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26 February 2015 - Blog

‘Green Transformations’, Leonard Cohen and the Elephant

Guest blog by Marc Hudson, University of Manchester A lively debate about the near and long-term future of western civilisation took place [on Tuesday] in central London, at the launch...
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26 February 2015 - Agriculture & Food

GM report: Some nice recommendations, shame about the spin

The UK Parliamentary Select Committee on Science and Technology has today released its long-awaited report on ‘Advanced genetic techniques for crop improvement: regulation, risk and precaution’. The ESRC STEPS Centre...
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25 February 2015 - Blog

Storify: The Politics of Green Transformations book launch

←BACK TO GREEN TRANSFORMATIONS HOMEPAGE We’ve captured some of the lively debate at the Politics of Green Transformations book launch in the Storify below, featuring tweets, images & links to...
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24 February 2015 - Blog

The Politics of Green Transformations

It’s a crunch year for science, environment and development agreements – COP21, the Sustainable Development Goals – but will 2015 be the transformative moment it is being hyped as? (Michael...
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24 February 2015 - Blog

Green Transformations: Whose Politics and which Green?

By Professor Peter Newell, School of Global Studies, University of Sussex Talk of transformation is back in vogue. This time the call is for a green transformation. Recent and recurrent...
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