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27 September 2016 - Blog

Foresight and international development

A new IDS Bulletin, edited by Gioel Gioacchino and Jim Sumberg, explores the pros and cons of various ‘foresight’ approaches and methods, and their implications for development. Foresight methods help...
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21 September 2016 - Health & Disease

Agricultural revolutions then and now

I’m writing from a village 70km north of Yangon in Myanmar. A group of women farmers are talking about their experiences raising pigs. They have small herds, five to 30...
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15 September 2016 - Energy & Climate Change

Hinkley C: why is the UK building a new nuclear power plant?

Today the UK government approved Britain’s first new nuclear power plant in 20 years at Hinkley Point C. Many of the reactions to the decision have been critical for a...
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12 September 2016 - Blog

Learning from Rojava: exploring democracy in the midst of the Syrian war and beyond

by Patrick Huff, Birkbeck, University of London Few outside observers would expect to see democracy sprout from the wreckage of the Syrian Civil War – perhaps the most brutal ongoing...
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9 September 2016 - Agriculture & Food

What we talk about when we talk about technology

In casual conversation ‘technology’ usually means something like a device, gadget or machine. Your smartphone for instance, or the satellite navigation system in your car; maybe the car itself, why...
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