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17 January 2017 - Health & Disease

One Health: are we doing it wrong?

‘Conferences reflect and construct the field’ Gonzales-Santos and Dimond, 2015:239 International scientific meetings are great for many reasons. But I also found myself profoundly frustrated and disappointed when I attended...
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6 January 2017 - Water & Sanitation

From remunicipalisation to reprivatisation of water? The case of Mozambique

After widespread privatisation in the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s, many water services around the world began to be transferred back into public control. This ‘remunicipalisation’ has been welcomed by the...
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16 December 2016 - Blog, Food & agriculture, Research methods

Why local land matters for sustainable food systems

Land presents both challenges and opportunities for establishing sustainable food systems. That is one of the learning points from a workshop in Brighton on 7 December 2016. Stakeholders joining the...
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8 December 2016 - Project (Agriculture & Food)

Pathways in and out of poverty for farmers in India and Kenya

Towards a Relational Approach to Agency for Mapping Pathways Into and Out of Poverty Date: October 2016 – April 2019 Pathways into and out of poverty are complex. In the...
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7 December 2016 - Blog, Health & Disease

The social life of infectious diseases: a new impact story from STEPS

A new multimedia story, ‘The social life of infectious diseases’ is the first in a new series of impact stories from the STEPS Centre. It traces how our thinking on...
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