By JULIA DAY, STEPS Centre member

STEPS member Linda Waldman has co-aurthored a new academic report commissioned by construction union UCATT. Linda and Heather Williams have uncovered huge deficiencies in the rules covering the management of asbestos in people’s homes. Potentially exposing both residents and maintenance workers to asbestos exposure.

Householders undertaking standard DIY functions are at particular risk of unknowingly exposing themselves to asbestos. This was due to a combination of ignorance and a lack of readily accessible information and advice.

The report As Safe as Houses? by Dr Linda Waldman and Heather Williams, will be formally launched at a meeting in Parliament today (June 2). It primarily examines how asbestos is managed and removed in social housing but also uncovers major flaws in legislation concerning properties containing asbestos in the private sector.

Alan Ritchie, General Secretary of UCATT, said: “Everyone has a right to feel safe in their own homes. This excellent new report details how thousands of householders’ health is being put at risk because they do not know that asbestos is present in their home.”

A copy of the report, As Safe as Houses?, can be viewed here . Media coverage of the report includes pieces by The Mirror and Local Government Chronicle.

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