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Communications Manager

Communications Manager

Nathan leads the communications and engagement work of the STEPS Centre. He is responsible for strategy and implementation for the Centre's digital projects and events, and works to build communications capacity across the Global Consortium hubs in Africa, Latin America, North America, South Asia, China and Europe. Nathan has worked since 2003 on sustainability communications in a variety of contexts, including business, civil society and academia.

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Project presentation

View the Manifesto presentation given by project convenor Adrian Ely at the OECD-UNESCO International Workshop on Innovation for Development: Converting Knowledge to Value. 28-30 January 2009 at OCED headquarters, Paris.

About us

The team working on the Innovation, Sustainability, Innovation: A New Manifesto are members of the STEPS Centre along with Professor Geoff Oldham, one of the authors of the original 1970 Sussex Manifesto, and Martin Bell of SPRU Science and Technology Policy Research.