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Rob has been working in the sustainable energy field for more than 15 years as an engineer, a project manager and, more recently, in policy analysis. He is particularly experienced in energy and development in an African context, having spent a total of five years on renewable energy projects in a number of countries (Botswana, Tanzania and Kenya). As well as his work in the STEPS Centre, Rob is a Research Fellow with the Sussex Energy Group in SPRU (Science Policy Research Unit) at the University of Sussex, and an Energy & Emissions Theme Coordinator in the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research. He also teaches at undergraduate and postgraduate level in energy, development and sustainability issues. Rob’s focus is the role of science, technology and innovation in developing countries, particularly over the long term and in relation to efforts to reduce poverty.

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Large old telephone switchboard with connecting wires

Want to transform access to technology? Follow the invisible threads

by Adrian Smith, Rob Byrne, David Ockwell and Ian Scoones This is one in a series of four blog posts exploring ideas and case studies on ‘transformations’, drawing on research carried out in 2017 and looking forward to the STEPS Centre’s work in 2018. For background and links to the other posts, read the introduction….

Why climate negotiations should tackle ‘technology injustice’

Climate change is already causing harm to vulnerable people and will continue to do so. If we accept that mitigation and adaptation alone cannot avoid all the adverse impacts of climate change, this means that there will be some unavoidable consequences. This has led to the concept of ‘loss and damage’ appearing in global climate…