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A Call to Action

The recommendations contained in this Manifesto, implemented in different ways in particular contexts, can catalyse moves towards a 3D policy agenda. Implementation remains the real challenge. Policies and institutions, however, can only enable and support the activities of social entrepreneurs, community leaders, change-makers and activists who are already innovating for poverty alleviation, social justice and environmental sustainability.

Resources on this CD

  1. Dr Henry Dzinotyiweyi, Zimbabwe Minister of Science and Technology Development (video) at the Harare roundtable (hosted by Practical Action Southern Africa): “Generally in terms of observing what we need, even the politicians are able to do so; it’s in doing that is our biggest challenge."

  2. Dr. Emeka E. Oguzie, Department of Chemistry, Federal University of Technology Owerri, Nigeria at the Bangalore roundtable: “I don’t have any recommendation to make. There are several good recommendations out there. Everything that needs to be done has been said. They should just start to implement some of them"

  3. Dr Prakash, a participant in the Indian 'Knowledge Swaraj’ manifesto project, at the Delhi roundtable: "What I would want my friends to consider, whatever manifesto we are talking about, is what best we could do with it. So that should be a convergence point. I’m not really keen about the dialogues we could have and the politics behind them"

  4. Venezuela roundtable report (conclusions): “the true challenge is how to implement this (3D) agenda – as this is an agenda of change, and profound social transformation that involves resistance on the part of groups with conflicting interests" (Full report in Spanish)
  5. Calestous Juma at the SPRU Alumni roundtable: "What we really need is, if anything, a manual rather than a manifesto… this is in the domain of actually getting things done, not in the domain of debating issues"

We welcome examples of innovation for development.
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