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Creating linkages and bridging innovation actors

In many contexts, building, maintaining and profiting from linkages between different parts of the innovation system remains as much of a challenge now as over the last forty years. However, the broadening of contemporary systems of innovation mean that individual and institutional capabilities to bridge between diverse contexts, disciplines and organisational forms are even more urgently required and deserving of investment.

Resources on this CD

  1. Argentina roundtable report: “Students and scholars could act as 'bridges’ mediating between actors involved in innovation policy making and society at large – and professionalization of these mediators is desirable." (Report in Spanish)
  2. Nepal roundtable report: “Linking people and sectors, connecting communities to supply chains, markets and R & D, which could be achieved through creating common platform bringing together different actors as well as stakeholders in terms of quantity and quality for dialogue"
  3. Harare roundtable report: A recommendation emerged, shared between all present, which called for “collaboration of all centres of excellence, research institutions, policy institutions and not working in silos on issues of common good and development"
  4. Venezuela roundtable report (conclusions): “New spaces for integrated thinking (e.g. School for Global Change, roundtable discussions, dialogue between the state, the scientific community and civil society/grassroots. The 3D agenda requires the development of new capacities for managing complexity, implicit in its implementation, such as the adequate management of respect for plural perspectives and interests." (Full report in Spanish)
  5. The Slow Race discusses the need for 'bridging professionals’. Leach, M. and Scoones, I. (2006) “The Slow Race", DEMOS

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