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Involving Users for Targeted Research and Innovation

Participation both in the process of setting research and development priorities and in the conduct of research itself are both ways of democratising the innovation process. Many initiatives have purposefully drawn on the perspectives of beneficiaries in targeting research, and continuously evolving forms of participatory research are delivering impactful innovations in various sectors and countries throughout the world.

Resources on this CD

  1. Harare roundtable: “Empowerment of the communities and their inclusion in decision making on technologies that affect their lives" was agreed as an important viewpoint amongst the delegates .
  2. ATPS blogs on participation in research fund allocations by Adrian Ely with a response from Kevin Urama.

Additional online resources

(Internet connection required)
  1. The Farmer First Revisited initiative draws on over twenty years experience from around the world to imagine the future of farmer-centred innovation.
  2. Prolinnova (Promoting Local Innovation in Ecologically-Oriented Agriculture and Natural Resource Management) – Monique Salomon at the symposium. View Slides
  3. The Centre for Research in Innovation Management (CENTRIM) at Brighton University has used virtual fora and wiki tools in its research.
  4. The ALINe Farmer Voice community works to answer the key question “How can development organisations make sure they listen and respond well enough to farmers, systematically, across different places or activities?"

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