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Institutions for National Agenda-Setting

While national (inter-ministerial) co-ordination remains a challenge in many states, several already possess national institutions working on strategic issues around science, technology and innovation. Some of these institutions fulfil part of the role envisaged by strategic innovation fora. Few, however, take poverty reduction and environmental sustainability as their central goal, and even fewer follow the inclusive, transparent and participatory approach envisaged here.

Resources on this CD

  1. Harare roundtable report: “Policy and regulatory frameworks, where they exist, are too rigid and fragmented, otherwise not harmonised and not conducive to innovation and development"
  2. Argentina roundtable report: “We also recommend the discussion and construction of long-term national agendas on science, technology, and innovation, articulated with regional agendas". (Spanish version)
  3. Nepal report from the roundtable at the Innovation Asia Pacific Symposium: “Government transparency can help to promote innovation."
  4. Participants at several roundtables stressed that institutions for national agenda-setting would differ across contexts. Calestous Juma at the SPRU Alumni roundtable: “Your first point about parliaments – I can see why, but we also have but on the other hand, we also have a lot of diversified avenues for decision-making."
  5. Godfrey Olukoye, Nairobi ACTS roundtable (video): Kenya has launched an initiative on long-term economic development entitled “Vision 2030". Participants at the ACTS workshop recognised a role for science, technology and innovation within it.

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