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The Original Sussex Manifesto

The original 'Sussex Manifesto' was drafted as the introductory chapter to the 'World Plan of Action for the Application of Science and Technology to Development' in 1970. Its challenging analysis and recommendations, although not all accepted at the time, had an impact at national and international levels. The Manifesto contributed to ideas and scholarship around science, technology and development that have been evolving to the present day.

Resources on this CD

  1. Singer, H. et al (1970) 'The Sussex Manifesto' (IDS Reprint)
  2. Presentation: 'The Sussex Manifesto and its Aftermath' by Prof Geoff Oldham, IDS, 6th February 2008
  3. 'Retrospective' Ely, A. and Bell, M. (2009), The Original 'Sussex Manifesto': Its Past and Future Relevance, STEPS Working Paper 27. Brighton: STEPS Centre
  4. Beijing roundtable, China: Liu Xie-lin, Associate Dean of School of Management, Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that he believed the original Sussex Manifesto had played a significant role in changing the thinking around Science & Technology policy and innovation in China. (Transcript in English)

Additional online resources

(Internet connection required)
  1. Wiki timeline on developments in thinking about science, technology and development ("A New Manifesto" website)
  2. Obituary of Prof Hans Singer (chair of 'The Sussex Group') - mentions his contribution to 'The Sussex Manifesto'.
  3. SPRU - Science and Technology Policy Research
  4. Institute of Development Studies

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