Steps-JNU Symposium 2014 – Storify

←BACK TO SYMPOSIUM 2014 HOMEPAGE We told the story of the Symposium as it happened via Storify. By collating resources and social media from difference sources we hoped to bring the event debates to life. [View the story “STEPS-JNU SYMPOSIUM: Exploring Pathways to Sustainability” on Storify]

STEPS-JNU Symposium 2014 – Videos

←BACK TO SYMPOSIUM 2014 HOMEPAGE View video clips from our 2014 Annual Symposium, ‘Exploring pathways to sustainability’, co-organised with the Centre for Studies in Science Policy at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Video vox pops We asked participants: “How do you build pathways to sustainability?” Here are their short (c.2 minute) responses. ) Opening session…