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  • event: The Political Economy of Agricultural Policy Processes in Africa

    This event in London on 24 September, organised by the Future Agricultures Consortium, includes contributions from STEPS Director Ian Scoones and STEPS members John Thompson and Jim Sumberg. The event will present new research from Future Agricultures on how agricultural policy in Sub-Saharan Africa is shaped and put into practice, in the light of changing [...]

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  • event: Tackling trade-offs in the food-water-energy nexus: lessons for the SDGs

    This Overseas Development Institute event will be chaired by former STEPS Director Melissa Leach and includes a contribution from our Water & Sanitation theme convenor Lyla Mehta. Achieving poverty eradication and sustained progress in development will depend upon the use of natural resources as we enter a new era of post-2015 sustainable development goals (SDGs). [...]

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  • event: Las tecnologías de impresión 3D: tensiones de una “revolución” en ciernes

    Organizan:  CENIT/UNTREF, Centro STEPS para América Latina Las tecnologías de impresión 3D permiten digitalizar objetos en tres dimensiones e imprimirlos materialmente. Se argumenta que la capacidad para imprimir una variedad materiales (desde plásticos, arcillas o metales hasta alimentos y cultivos celulares) podría modificar las formas actuales de consumo y el acceso a bienes. Esto se [...]

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  • post (Blog): GM in China: ‘Paranoia’ and public opinion

    Biosafety certificates permitting Chinese researchers to grow genetically modified rice and corn expired last week, with little indication that the Ministry of Agriculture will renew them. The certificates, issued in 2009, concerned two types of Bt rice, which express a gene of the bacillus thuringiensis bacterium, conferring pest resistance, and phytase maize, which when used [...]

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  • event: What is innovation for social inclusion?

    What is innovation for social inclusion? Grassroots innovation, public policies and the politics of knowledge A session at the 4S/ESOCITE conference in Buenos Aires, organised by Adrian Smith (STEPS Centre), Mariano Fressoli (Institute for Science and Technology Studies, Universidad Nacional de Quilmes) and Elisa Arond (Clark University). There is growing interest amongst researchers, civil society [...]

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