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  • event: Sustainability in Turbulent Times

    ‘Sustainability in turbulent times: How can research, policy and business meet global challenges?’ CUSP/Nexus Network/CECAN conference Venue: Central London Over the next few years, the British exit from the EU, a new US administration, and unpredictable waves of populism and authoritarianism are likely to recast key environmental and social policies and to have profound effects on […]

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  • post (Health & Disease): One Health: are we doing it wrong?

    ‘Conferences reflect and construct the field’ Gonzales-Santos and Dimond, 2015:239 International scientific meetings are great for many reasons. But I also found myself profoundly frustrated and disappointed when I attended the 4th International One Health Congress, One Health EcoHealth 2016, in Melbourne recently.

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  • post (Water & Sanitation): From remunicipalisation to reprivatisation of water? The case of Mozambique

    After widespread privatisation in the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s, many water services around the world began to be transferred back into public control. This ‘remunicipalisation’ has been welcomed by the Transnational Institute and like-minded organisations, who suggest that ‘remunicipalisation is here to stay’ (Lobina et al., 2014). While I am sympathetic to this work on […]

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  • post (Blog, Food & agriculture, Research methods): Why local land matters for sustainable food systems

    Land presents both challenges and opportunities for establishing sustainable food systems. That is one of the learning points from a workshop in Brighton on 7 December 2016. Stakeholders joining the discussions included local small-scale producers, retailers of sustainable produce, non-governmental organisations (Food Matters and The Gaia Foundation), and researchers from the University of Sussex and […]

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  • publication (Working Paper): Grassroots innovation and innovation democracy

    STEPS Working Paper 89 In this working paper we introduce an area of activity that has flourished for decades in all corners of the globe, namely grassroots innovation for sustainable development. We also argue why innovation in general is a matter for democracy. Combining these two points, we explore how grassroots innovation can contribute to […]

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